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eMoney Advisor

Providence, RI


At A Glance:

• Renovation
• 23,000 s.f.


Project Description:

eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a leading provider of technology solutions for wealth management and financial planning, opened their doors two years ago on the 11th floor of 100 Westminster Street; rather than change their location completely, eMoney chose to stay in the same building and design a new space from scratch on the 6th floor. At 23,000 s.f. – triple the size of the former office – the space is designed with vibrant colors in a modern, open floor plan inspired by eMoney’s brand values of collaboration, innovation and fun. The new space can accommodate more than 200 employees offering a variety of open seating, collaborative workspaces, and remote work options. Additionally, there are 21 huddle rooms for both informal and formal meetings, each named after a different neighborhood in Providence; a kitchen area with counter and table seating; 20 flat-screen TVs, which can be used as monitors; and a game area with ping pong and video gaming.

Thanks to an ongoing partnership with the Rhode Island Council of Arts, a focal point is a custom eMoney mural designed by artist Lizzie $our, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. The mural can be found in the expansive break room cleverly referred to as Town Hall, where employees gather for companywide meetings and events. Painted by hand using acrylic paints, the bold design with eMoney’s logo centered in the middle creatively reflects the company’s brand and culture.