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Architecture + Interior Design


Our approach to architectural design is to first understand our clients’ goals and vision for their projects. We treat each project uniquely, and respectively find the balance between a project’s parameters in order to deliver a result that is both functional and inspiring. Throughout the evolution of design, from concepting and planning, to selection of materials and execution of construction detailing, our clients are encouraged to participate in the process to ensure their vision and goals are achieved at every phase of a project. Our knowledge in specific industry markets and our ability to facilitate all aspects of the design process allows for a project to develop seamlessly from initial concept to the built environment.

Interior Design

The average person spends roughly 90% of their life indoors which is why investing in well-designed interior space is so important. The built environment impacts our lives on a daily basis; from first impressions to attraction and retention of new and existing employees. At Vision 3 Architects, we strive to create spaces that people want to be in. With cost in mind, we work closely with our clients to develop designs that enhance the functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics of a space without sacrificing performance. We pride ourselves on our personalized service and enjoy translating our clients’ vision into reality through strategic space planning and thoughtful finish selections.

Sustainable Design

Vision 3 Architects is committed to being environmentally responsible in all design decisions made during project development. We have worked on many projects in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating SystemTM, the Canada Green Building Council (CGBC), and National Grid’s Advanced Building Systems program. We have 9 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, and a keen understanding of the LEED rating system. LEED administration services are performed in-house, including energy performance modeling.

Historic Architecture

Vision 3 Architects embraces one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges for any architectural firm; bringing lost treasure to life by preserving or transforming existing buildings with historic quality into flourishing, vibrant landmarks. Our historic design experience includes successful preservation and renovation projects, as well as adaptive reuse projects.

Branded Environments

Vision 3 Architects recognizes that architecture is more than just a building to shelter people. Whether the goal is to create more intriguing spaces for customers or to redefine their company culture, we consistently work with organizations to establish branded environments – graphic spaces that work alongside a company’s marketing strategy to tell a story – their story. We strive to create buildings that represent the essence and character that make our clients great.
Furniture Selection Assistance & Procurement

Furniture Selection Assistance & Procurement

Enhance the project vision and overall functionality of your space by utilizing our FF&E services to make the proper Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment selections for your space. FF&E procurement encompasses a variety of services tailored to fit each client’s specific needs. We enjoy working closely through a collaborative process to determine appropriate specifications based on cost, performance, and use of the space at hand. Such services include development of furniture typicals & standards, preparing FF&E cost estimates, full FF&E specifications including finish and upholstery selections, assistance with the furniture RFP process & bid solicitation, and construction oversight.

Prototype Design, Site Adaptations, Management

Construction Administration


Feasibility Studies

Assessing the practicality of a proposed project, program, or site can be a complicated process for any business. Vision 3 Architects will work together with you, objectively and rationally, to establish the best design solutions for your specific project. We will outline the design requirements and examine the site(s) to understand orientation, landscape, and other important factors that may impact your project. Following an evaluation, we will explore a series of design options that assist the Client in evaluating strengths/weaknesses and the scope required to execute the project so that you feel confident in the direction to move forward. Depending on the level of feasibility necessary, this study may be a quick evaluation or a more thorough study.

Cost Estimating Facilitation

Vision 3 Architects understands that our clients make financial commitments to have their projects become reality. In an effort to better prepare our clients to evaluate the financial decisions of a project, we offer cost estimating facilitation services. Early in the design process, we can efficiently prepare and define a preliminary design scope of work of the project, which can be used to produce a probable opinion of cost. At this point, we have the ability to assess the cost of work with our client, and if needed, make recommendations to adjust the scope of work to fit within our clients’ budget.

Assistance in Federal and State Grants

Vision 3 Architects has a long history of partnering with several non-profit clients and we understand that many of their projects may not be possible without the assistance from federal or state grant sources. By involving Vision 3 Architects in the grant application process, we can develop preliminary design concepts and feasibility studies that can be used to obtain early project budget and schedule information. This level of documentation in the grant application process, supports and enhances the proposed project and has led many of our clients to successful applications and significant grant awards.

Site Selection

BOMA Calculations

Master Planning

Preliminary Outline Specifications

Programming Needs Analysis

Space Planning

Test-Fit Planning

Life-Safety/Building Code

Compliance Reviews

Health Code Compliance Reviews

Facility Condition Assessment


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We understand the importance of using information technologies that complement our design processes, and bring value to our clients. It’s why our designers and architects employ the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process used to model each aspect of a building in three dimensions on computer before the building is built. It aids in the construction process for the entire project studio and can be used to manage the facility after construction. With skill and precision our staff uses these tools to create aesthetically pleasing, well-coordinated, quality designs. BIM is just one of the tools we use to help us reach this goal.
Visual Communications

Visual Communications

We are confident you’ll love your project as much as we do during design and after project completion; at Vision 3 the client is an integral part of the design process. Our talented in-house digital artists capture the imagination, helping our clients to fully understand, envision and immerse themselves into the project. 2D diagrams, models, renderings, animations, 3D virtual and augmented reality experiences; these visual communication tools are often used for design presentations to assist with obtaining design approvals. The visual communications are also used as a fundraising tools for our clients.

Budgeting and Scheduling

Marketing Brochures

Post-Project Evaluations

Permitting Assistance

State and Federal Historic Project Certification