Our firm is organized by studios, with a focus on WORKPLACE, EDUCATION, HOSPITALITY, and HEALTHCARE, allowing our dedicated architects and interior designers to lead with their specialized experience. A principal and a studio director are engaged with every project to ensure clients receive a high degree of personal service throughout the development process.



WORKPLACE The Vision 3 Workplace Studio is dedicated to continual research of the latest trends in office design and technology, and has an in-depth understanding of the office marketplace. Shifting social or cultural norms can lead to new expectations about the way people interact and work. With today’s changing workplace being shaped by telecommuting, shared work stations, and teamwork group concepts, office planning has taken on many new challenges. Our philosophy of “building design with people in mind” sets the stage to create productive and engaging workspaces. Our Studio pays equal attention to creative design and technical execution, consistently delivering projects on-time and on-budget. We have built our reputation on our ability to deliver creatively-designed solutions to difficult problems.

“Vision 3 was an amazing resource for our Main St renovations! For those of you who don’t know about our multi generational relationship; Vision 3 also designed the East Providence Rumford Pet Center as well as a large office addition at our Rumford Aquarium HQ in the 90s. Vision 3 was an instrumental partner in the design of our brand new 24,000 s.f. office headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It was very important to us that our new work space be designed to complement our company culture to include open, collaborative work spaces, infrastructure to accommodate state of the art technology and communication systems, as well as open, welcoming, family style common areas and eating spaces. Vision 3’s innovative ideas, skill and expertise far surpassed our expectations. I look forward to proudly working with them in the future.”

Michael Baker, President, PET FOOD EXPERTS



EDUCATION Our Education Studio designs facilities that are thoughtful responses to your program goals, physical setting, and purpose. To achieve the best possible atmosphere for learning, we design spaces that promote productivity, enhance the quality of life for the users, and contribute value to the environment. We understand that working within the academic schedule is a crucial element in determining the success of a project, and we deliver on time despite some very aggressive schedules. Our studio provides collaborative design efforts for a broad range of building types with a concentration in athletic, food service, classroom, and administration.

“Vision 3 Architects is the firm we hire for tough projects, particularly projects requiring a high level of design sophistication and schedule control. They repeatedly deliver projects that exceed our expectations in terms of quality and budget. Vision 3 also understands that working within the academic schedule is a crucial element in determining the success of a project, and they deliver on time despite some very aggressive schedules. We find that Vision 3’s sophisticated design sense and expertise in the hospitality industry makes for an excellent fit with Johnson & Wales University.”

Christopher O. Placco, former Vice President Facilities Management, JOHNSON & WALES UNIVERSITY



HEALTHCARE Our Healthcare Studio works with healthcare clients to develop design strategies focused on patient care, staff needs, and maximum efficiency. We are pioneers of the “bringing hospitality to healthcare” philosophy, believing that sensitive design can positively impact the sense of wellness that patients experience. Sophisticated healthcare providers invest in design, the value-added ingredient, to distinguish their facilities in the eyes of their patients. Increasing competition puts pressure on healthcare providers to design their facilities to use space more efficiently while being more patient-friendly in an institutional environment.

“Our experience working with Vision 3 Architects has been extremely professional, positive, and productive. Their ability to lead a collaborative design process to achieve our health center’s goals in the historic mill of our West Warwick location has met and exceeded our expectations. Vision 3’s healthcare designs are forwardthinking. Their ability to work well with me and my team, listen to what we wanted, and integrate our vision into a facility based on the Medical Home healthcare delivery method is impressive. Together, Vision 3 Architects and Thundermist are reimagining the way traditional healthcare facilities will operate, in the digital era.”




HOSPITALITY The Hospitality Studio is a dedicated group of architectural and interior design professionals who specialize in design for hotel, restaurant and institutional food service clients. We work with national chains, independents, one-of-a-kind upstart restaurants, hotels, colleges, universities and corporate dining clients. We respect that each project and client is unique, and therefore embrace the client as the most important member of the Studio. This industry is about people, relationships, and building exceptional experiences that are innovatively crafted to support the business goals, objectives, and brand promises of our clients.

““What a great addition to the neighborhood, I congratulate all involved for their vision in creating a distinct, welcoming and modern district for the campus community. Given some of the challenges we faced on this site and the remarkably brutal winter, it was no small task to get the dining hall open on time.”

Christina L. Valentino, Vice President for Administration and Finance, UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND