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2-3 Davol Square

Providence, RI


At A Glance:

• Completed 2020
• 115,735 s.f.
• $5,654,403


Project Description:

2-3 Davol Square was an 115,735 s.f. interior and exterior renovation project in the heart of Providence’s Jewelry District. The buildings – which were originally constructed in 1880, and added to the National Register of Historic Places a century later in 1980 – were formerly home to the Davol Rubber Company, and later became Davol Square Marketplace before being converted to office space in the late 1980s. The primary goal of the renovations was to perform essential repairs to the building’s large central atrium, while simultaneously refreshing building lobbies and common areas to make them more appealing to prospective tenants. The main entrance to the building(s), along South Street received a new, and more elaborate canopy – designed to make it more prominent, yet complimentary to the recently redeveloped South Street Landing adjacent to the property.