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Roger Williams University
CM Project Center

Bristol, RI


At A Glance:

• Renovation
• 1,250 s.f.


Project Description:

As alumni, the principals of Shawmut Design and Construction wanted to give back to Roger Williams University. To do so, they decided to build, pro bono, a new project center for the Construction Management academic program. Vision 3 Architects, which also employs numerous Roger Williams alums, designed the space.

The project center provides a centralized conference space for upper division Construction Management students to study, engage in club and team academic competitions, and meet with industry professionals. The center features an open, agile work area that at any given time can serve as a laboratory, classroom, lecture hall, or state-of-the-art teleconferencing center. This core meeting space, designed for maximum flexibility, includes a separate area that is used as a semi-private conference room boasting a reconfigurable glass wall.


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