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New England Treatment Access (NETA) Registered Dispensary

Northampton, MA


At A Glance:

• Renovation
• 3,800 s.f.
• $500,000
• First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Western Massachusetts


Project Description:

Renovation of an existing medical office building into a new registered medical marijuana dispensary. The retail store includes product counters, break out spaces, security office, and break room.



“I can’t say enough about how exceptionally awesome our experience has been with Vision 3. Starting with the initial planning process and right through to completion, the team was attentive, thoughtful and incredibly creative in navigating our unique project and dealing with the uncommon regulatory challenges faced. Communication with the Vision 3 team has been effortless and professional; they were constantly accessible and always a pleasure to talk to and work with. They offered accurate timelines and reliable estimates, which were critical during our business start-up phase. By asking the right questions and listening attentively to our ideas and concerns, their design approach resulted in 3 remarkably beautiful and individually exceptional facilities while maintaining a sense of brand consistency.

Even after our project’s completion, we continue to rely heavily on Vision 3 for guidance and advice, and consistently feel that they are working with our best interests in mind. Vision 3 has far exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be turning to them for future projects!”

Amanda Rositano, Director of Operations



• AIAri People’s Choice Award, Runner Up


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