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MedCure, Donor and Training Center Bio-Skills Laboratory

Cumberland, RI


At A Glance:

• Renovation
• 20,000 s.f.
• $1.7 million


Project Description:

MedCure is an organization that serves as a link between those, who at death, donate their bodies “to science” and the medical researchers and educators that rely on donors to help discover cures for diseases, and to develop new and effective treatments and therapies. They do this by acquiring, recovering, processing, storing and distributing organs and tissues to medical researchers and educators throughout the United States.

Vision 3 designed MedCure’s facility to provide the research company with two distinct spaces: bio-skills lab, and tissue donor bank. The bio-skills lab/surgical training center provides an environment where surgeons, device manufacturers, medical researchers, and surgical technicians can optimize their live surgical procedure observation, participation and research experience.

The training center is designed to have (2) two seminars occur simultaneously without notice or interruption of each other. Each seminar has access to an auditorium, lab space, locker rooms, dining room, and computer access. The tissue storage bank contains a large refrigerated storage area and loading dock for pre-conference shipments.