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Ahead Cafeteria

New Bedford, MA


At A Glance:

• 2,377 s.f.

Project Description:

Vision 3 Architects orchestrated the transformation of Ahead, LLC’s corporate cafeteria. Ahead, LLC, a multi-dimensional brand in the headwear, apparel and accessory marketplace desired to create a modern, functional environment that reflected their brand identity of creating quality products with innovative, high-quality design.

With a focus on creating a clean, open, optimized layout, Vision 3’s design delivers. Subtle nods to their triangular motif were woven into flooring patterns, wallcoverings, and decorative elements to establish a modern gathering space filled with natural light and visual connections to the outdoors – the key environment within which their products are utilized every day.

In collaboration with Sheehan’s Office Interiors, Vision 3 curated flexible furniture solution to maximize flexibility with the cafeteria. From daily dining to corporate town halls, the space is well-positioned to adapt to serve Ahead’s colleagues into the future.