Mitchell DaSilva



Mitchell graduated from Roger Williams University in 2022 with a Master of Architecture, where he received two architectural project honors including the Thesis Design Award and a Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal. After graduating, Mitchell joined the Vision 3 team as an Architectural Designer on the Workplace Studio.

Mitchell has a passion for skateboarding that started long before even his interest in architecture. Skateboarding has subconsciously shaped his perception and spatial understanding of what architecture is. During his study abroad in Barcelona, Mitchell used his skateboard not only as a means of transport, but also as a way to grasp and understand the spatial organization and unique characteristics of each city he visited. The act of skating across different textures, slopes and obstacles has instilled a fascination to explore the urban fabric.

Outside of the office Mitchell enjoys going for boat rides along the Narragansett Bay and working on his BMW.


Master of Architecture, Roger Williams University