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Providence Water Supply Board
Central Operations Facility

Providence, RI


At A Glance:

• Renovation
• 175,000 s.f
• 45,000 s.f. parking garage
• $16 million


Project Description:

Vision 3 Architects and Pare Corporation designed a 175,000 s.f. Central Operations Facility for Providence Water at 125 Dupont Drive in Providence, RI. The project was a consolidation of multiple existing facilities throughout the State into one new central location.

Vision 3 engaged Providence Water in a detailed programming process to determine space needs and assisted with their new site selection process. The project was a redevelopment of an existing 16-acre site and 185,000 s.f. building formerly used as offices for a large banking institution. The new uses include administrative offices, 45,000 s.f. indoor parking garage, automotive service/maintenance facility, and warehouse. Both the site and building sustained major renovations, including new site entrance and guardshack, new roadways, storm drainage improvements, building facade upgrade, and addition of numerous new windows and skylights. Energy initiatives include a major solar panel array, and all new LED lighting.



“Vision 3 took the time to look at all levels of our utility operation to see what worked well and what could be improved. They interviewed our managers and staff to get a full understanding of what needed to be incorporated in the project design. Vision 3 was well organized and became a trusted advisor to Providence Water providing recommendations resulting in solutions that saved time and money. The entire rehabilitation of our facility is remarkable with the funding that was available. The facility now allows Providence Water to operate more efficiently for many years. Our own staff and visitors are particularly impressed with the museum design and the look of the reclaimed wood, and iron pipe architectural features that are throughout the building.”

Gary Marino, Project Manager Engineering