Paulette Tondreau



From her earlier days using her wooden abacus to then the electric adding machine to the visionary Texas Instrument calculator and then the inventive Excel spreadsheet on her computer, Paulette Tondreau has been adding up the numbers for Vision 3 Architect over 20 years. Her methods and machines have become more advanced but the results have been the same, quality financial work. As the Director of Finance, Paulette has continued to bring her financial mind and computing skills to reconciling the balance sheets of all assets and debits and many other aspects of the company. Paulette has made her career at Vision3 and enjoys her work and the place of her work.

When not at her desk at Vision 3 Architects, Paulette is home in North Smithfield being a dedicated mother to her children, Chase and Janelle. During the winter months, one can find Paulette at the local hockey rink cheering on her son on the North Smithfield High School hockey team. When the spring arrives, Paulette’s parental support moves outside to the athletic fields where she cheers on Chase this time as he plays lacrosse. Paulette’s daughter Janelle represents the creative side of the Tondreau family, and Paulette supports her young daughter’s artistic endeavors with drawing projects and museum trips.


Bachelor of Science in Finance, Johnson & Wales University