Responsible, Collaborative, Client-Centered Design

Green Design

Safeguarding the future – education and action

At Vision 3 Architects, core values are reflected in how we approach our work. Our commitment to be responsible designers has environmental sustainability as its foundation. A constant desire to make intelligent design decisions that minimize our carbon footprint motivates us to research and utilize innovative thinking, technologies, materials, and systems to create memorable buildings and spaces.

Our LEED Accredited Professionals guide clients, builders, and consultants through the often complex process of identifying how decisions we make impact land, water, air quality, and the ability of people to enjoy healthy, positive experiences in the spaces we create for them. As a result, client education has been both enlightening and rewarding. We are being formally recognized for achieving measurable goals in sustainable design, and our clients are moving forward with a clearer sense of their need to build responsibly.

For more information about Vision 3’s experience and how we can help you achieve your sustainable design goals, please contact David Prengaman, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP.